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Ruv does not pick cards from your side. Ruv only accepts Limited and Rare cards, all other card types will be removed from your side of the offer. It's your responsibility to choose which cards to send on a swap.

Some cards get penalties. That's the only way Ruv has to be able to accept all cards and give them their right valuation.

Basis premium is 20%.

Penalties are applied due to:

  • A card being an L5 of 0 - 50% penalty
  • Ruv already owns that card of that player and that scarcity - 50% to 95% penalty depending on scarcity
  • Card is blacklisted by Ruv - 90% penalty
  • Player is ineligible - 90%+ penalty
  • Card does not sell for many months - 90%+ penalty
  • Take into consideration you can still use these cards on swaps at these valuations, if you wish. It's up to you to choose and pick which cards to send.

    Auto-Buy: Send offer for my Faiz Selemani SR card

    Send on your side the cards you wish to sell. Include 0.01€ if you wish to receive the bid in fiat, 0.0001 ETH if you wish to receive the bid in ETH.

    Ruv is not always in buying mode. It stops buying when it has bought too much. Look above in this page to check if it's in buying mode or not.

    Ruv pays depending on position and L15:

  • GK and FWDs:
  • L15 <= 40 - 70 to 80% depending on matches played (L5 and L15)
  • 41 <= L15 <= 50 - 75% to 80%
  • 51 <= L15 <= 60 - 75% to 80%
  • L15 >= 61 - 75% to 80%
  • DEFs and MIDs:
  • L15 <= 40 - 60% to 70%
  • 41 <= L15 <= 50 - 65% to 75%
  • 51 <= L15 <= 60 - 72.5% to 80%
  • L15 >= 61 - 75% to 80%
  • ETH or Fiat Only Offers

    Send offers close to floor and they're more likely to be accepted.

    Credit and Swap Voucher

    Currently discontinued feature. You can spend the credit you still have but you can't accumulate more via any action.

    Reverting Swaps or Cash Offers

    Ruv does not revert swaps nor cash offers. Be mindful of this when swapping with the bot.

    Ruv functions freely without any human intervention. The previous creator of Ruv tries not to intervene on the bot's functioning.

    Again, please be mindful of this when submitting offers.